Environment Agency relocates 1,200lb of fish from Wilton Park’s lake

Around 1,200lb of fish were removed from Wilton Park’s lake in Batley this morning due to overcrowding.

The Environment Agency is working with Kirklees Council to release them into Longbottoms Dam, off Church Lane in Birstall, and into the canal in Dewsbury.

The Environment Agency remove fish from Wilton Park, Batley.

The Environment Agency remove fish from Wilton Park, Batley.

Agency staff used wide nets to capture the roach, which were transported to their new homes in special tanks.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said the fisheries officers were really pleased with the strong roach stocks at Wilton Park.

He said: “Every couple of years we carry out a restocking operation taking roach from Wilton Park Lake and moving roach to other locations where stocks could use a boost.

“The roach stocks at Wilton Park are brilliant – the environment is perfect for them.”

Peter Morton, of Dewsbury Angling Club, said the relocation will mean a healthy catch for anglers in Dewsbury and Birstall.

He said: “I have never seen so many fish in my life.

“They had nets the full width of the lake and were pulling them in.

“Some of the fish were 10 inches long. They were in absolutely pristine condition, they were absolutely beautiful.”