Family terrorised by stone-throwing youths

A YOUNG Mirfield family were left terrified when a group of youths hurled missiles through every window in their house.

The incident happened in Northway Gardens on the London Park Estate while Rachel Collins and Darren McFarland were at home with their 10-month-old daughter, Rebecca, and three-year-old son, Ryan.

Miss Collins, 29, said they were watching television when they heard a bang outside. She added: "I went upstairs to look out of the window to see what was going on. I could see a group of about five people just outside the house. They started throwing bricks at the windows and anything else they could find, paving slabs, large stones.

"It was frightening and terrifying, we had to hide upstairs in a doorway where there were no windows nearby. If one of the children or even me or Darren had been hit by the bricks we could have been killed."

The family were extremely shocked but not hurt. They have had to move out of their home and are now sharing with Miss Collins' grandparents.

Mr McFarland said: "The house is just full of glass. It's not possible to live in and it looks like a bomb has gone off."

Five youths, all in their early to mid-teens, were arrested in connection with the incident which happened on Wednesday, January 7 at 8.50pm. They were released on police bail pending further enquiries.

The incident comes as police said they were tackling thugs and troublemakers to remove anti-social behaviour from the streets of Mirfield, in particular on the London Park Estate where a number of young people are ignoring the conditions imposed by courts through anti-social behaviour orders (ASBO's).

PC Rob Winslade of Dewsbury Police said: "We need the support of those who witness crimes or anti-social behaviour of this nature to come forward and talk to us.

"Please get in touch if you know anything about this so that appropriate action can be taken."