Fears as cats found poisoned

Vet Andrew Arnold with Josephine the cat at  Donaldson Vets.  (d615a315)
Vet Andrew Arnold with Josephine the cat at Donaldson Vets. (d615a315)

Eight cats from the same Mirfield estate have suffered painful deaths from antifreeze poisoning during recent weeks.

Vets Helen Hissett and Andrew Arnold, of Donaldson’s Vets on Queen Street, have been shocked by the rise in poisoning cases on the London Park Estate during the cold snap - which is virtually impossible to treat.

They have warned cat owners to be extra vigilant and are pleading with people to keep antifreeze and other chemicals out of harms way.

Miss Hissett said: “Antifreeze is sweet tasting and therefore cats and dogs will readily drink it. But it only takes a small amount to be a lethal dose.

“We hope that this is not an intentional poisoning of cats in the area but I would like people to be aware that if they have a tub of it in the garden or their shed, it can cause a really nasty death.”

Symptoms tend to come on almost immediately after the antifreeze has been ingested and include vomiting, thirst and increased urination and neurological symptoms like wobbliness and knuckling over the limbs.

Miss Hissett added: “Sadly once the cat comes to us there is almost nothing we can do to help. We would virtually have to watch the cat drink it in order to treat it fast enough.

“Enough is enough, there has been too many cats dying this way - we need to make sure people are aware of the dangers. The poisoning effects the liver and kidney and it can almost seem as though the cat is drunk at first.

“One of the cats brought to us had gone blind - it’s pretty nasty.”