Firefighters rescue dog from canal in Thornhill

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Firefighters rescued a dog from a Thornhill canal after it fell down a 15ft embankment.

The Dogue de Bordeaux slipped into Calder and Hebble Navigation near Lock Street at around 11pm (last night) while being walked by its owner.

Dewsbury Fire Station crew commander Andy Bellerby said: “The dog had fallen down the banking and into the canal itself and couldn’t get out.

“We had to gain access down the steep banking, get the dog out of the water and then use some of our rope rescue kit to put the dog in a harness, set up a pulley system and heave it up the side.

“It was a different job really.”

He said the dog was cold from being in the water, but otherwise unharmed.

“At this side of the canal there’s a 15ft sheer drop,” he said. “The dog had gone down it and was over the other side of the canal. Its owner did the right thing by calling us.”