Firm’s robots are complete package

Sewtec's application engineer Steve Levitt with one of the robots. (d605a239)
Sewtec's application engineer Steve Levitt with one of the robots. (d605a239)

AUTOMATION company Sewtec has robotics all wrapped up.

The Ravensthorpe-based company builds robots which handle and package products in factories.

Sewtec, which was established in Dewsbury in the 1800s when it manufactured Singer sewing machines, now makes automated machinery for clients including Nestle, Imperial Tobacco and United Biscuits.

Sewtec’s application engineer Steve Levitt said usually companies employed people to take goods from a machine and place it into packaging.

He said Sewtec was one of very few companies in the UK producing complete robots for such purposes.

“We are certainly one of the biggest robot manufacturers in the UK,” he said.

From sewing machines to robots, Sewtec has had to be versatile in what is an ever-changing market.

Mr Levitt said: “Sewtec was massive in the Singer days. It developed the timing belt used in the machines, and which went on to be used in all sorts of products.

“But the company is nothing like it was in those days. Singer went out in the mid to late ‘70s, and Sewtec went into the automotive industry. From there it branched out into making machinery to handle and package high volume customer goods.

“Most of our machines are bespoke and contain an element of individuality, so we do have to keep up to speed with the latest control equipment. We continue to improve.”