Four jailed for drug dealing

A JUDGE has commended the work of undercover police officers who busted dealers peddling drugs from a snooker club.

Saturday, 26th November 2011, 1:00 pm

Zafar Hyder Iqbal, his son Jabar Zafar Hyder and accomplices Ibrar Iqbal and Akhlaq Khan were jailed on Friday (November 18th) for dealing cannabis skunk from the club since 2008, earning them £1m of assets.

Prosecuting, at Teesside Crown Court, David Brooke said CCTV footage showed the ‘very casual and blatant way’ dealing had been carried out, with around 60 to 70 deals being done daily and between 30-40 kilograms of the drug sold a year.

Judge George Moorhouse said: “It’s quite clear that this has been a very long term, substantial inquiry involving a lot of patience. Det Con Andrew Shaw needs to be commended for his hard work.”

The court heard large amounts of cannabis and cash were found at Hot Spot Snooker Centre in Bradford Road, Batley, as well as at Zafar Iqbal’s properties in Batley and Dewsbury. In the the 11-month investigation cannabis worth £40,000 was seized.

He said Zafar Iqbal, of Headfield Road in Dewsbury, was at the top of the operation, and Hyder was the ‘main man’ running the club and ensuring it was well stocked.

Large quantities of cannabis were found at Hyder’s home in Saville Street, Hanging Heaton, and at Ibrar Iqbal’s home in Aire Street, near to the club.

Police also found a stun gun at the club and rifle bullets in Hyder’s home. Khan, of Oxford Road, Dewsbury, was found selling inside the club.

All four admitted two counts of conspiracy to supply cannabis. Zafar Iqbal, owner of the club, admitted two charges of supplying cannabis and Hyder and Khan admitted possessing the stun gun. Hyder also admitted a further charge of possessing the bullets.

Mitigating for Zafar Iqbal, Nawaz Mohammed said neighbours and associates spoke of the father-of-four in ‘glowing and positive’ terms.

Mitigating for Hyder, 30, Anthony Barraclough said an illness he had when he was younger caused his sometimes irrational behaviour.

For Ibrar Iqbal, 32, Lloyd Morgan said effectively he was the store man for the drugs. For Khan, 32, Stephen Uttley said he was the ‘shop assistant’ in supplying cannabis to customers.

Zafar Iqbal, 51, was sentenced to six years in prison, Hyder received four years, Ibrar Iqbal received three years and Khan was jailed for a year.