Full list of Mirfield Town Council candidates

Election 2015.
Election 2015.

The full list of candidates standing for election to Mirfield Town Council has been published.

Candidates standing are:


Martyn Bolt (Conservative Party)

Alan Peter Burton (Conservative Party)

Marc Armstrong Burton (Conservative Party)

Colin Cain (Labour Party)

Charlie Coates (Labour Party)

Thimme Gowda (Labour Party)

Michael Hutchinson (Labour Party)

Alan Mapplebeck (Independent)

John David Nottingham (Conservative Party)

Peter Wiliam Wilson (Labour Party)


Stephen Benson (Conservative Party)

Pamela Jacqueline Brindle (Labour Party)

Hazel Mary Byard (Labour Party)

Keith Sibbald (Conservative Party)

Christophe Ray Walker (Conservative Party)

Nicholas Eugene Whittingham (Green Party)


Gary Hugh Bunton (Labour)

Janet Hirst (Conservative)

David Nigel Pinder (Independent)

Andrew Steven White (Conservative)


Roy Dobson (Labour)

Fran Fisher (Labour)

Vivien Lees-Hamilton (Conservative)

Philip Tolson (Conservative


Sean David Guy (Conservative)

Jack McCabe (Labour)

James Taylor (Conservative)

Kathleen Taylor (Conservative)