Fun tribute show celebrated the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons with slick style at the Alhambra, Bradford.

New Jersey Nights.
New Jersey Nights.

Being 25 years old, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons were a bit before my time.

In fact, in 1962, when their first number one hit Sherry was released, my mum had only just been born.

But that didn’t stop me from having a whale of a time dancing along to the Seasons’ back catalogue.

New Jersey Nights is a celebration of the harmonious group’s big hits, complete with smooth four-part harmonies, slick dance moves and some impressive falsetto.

And it was impossible not to sing along as the talented cast harmonised their way through top tunes including Big GirlsDon’t Cry, Walk Like A Man and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

The concert atmosphere was boosted with the placement of the live band on stage, while the backing dancers helped set the scene in the show’s bar, recording studio and concert scenes.

While the Seasons were known for their original sound and technical harmonies, the show also gave the four singers (Jon Hawkins, Ricki Rojas, Damion Scarcella and Simon Schofield) the chance to show off their solo talents with a series of heartfelt ballads.

The foursome also pulled off a difficult acapella section.

A slight key error at the start of Blue Moon resulted in them having to begin the song again, but the mistake was dutifully acknowleged (“Sorry ladies and gentleman, Simon began that number in a key only sung by chipmunks”) and had the audience (and the cast) in stitches.

The show seemed to be closing before I knew it, and, of course, went out with a bang.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You made for an upbeat finale and hadthe audience on its fee, dancing away. A fun show and a night of nostalgia.