Gomersal kids getting running for fun

RUNNING MATES Kids at Gomersal Primary School were joined by athlete Meghan Beesley. (d625d429)
RUNNING MATES Kids at Gomersal Primary School were joined by athlete Meghan Beesley. (d625d429)

Kids at a Spen primary school took part in a national project to get kids off their Playstations and into their trainers.

Gomersal Primary School kids took part in the Go Run for Fun event at the school on Tuesday, in which pupils, joined by some of the teachers, ran a mile to help raise awareness of the importance of exercise.

Anna Parker, who founded Gomersal Mums on the Run, said: “It was a great event to be involved with, as the aim of it was to get kids exercising.

“We are so pleased to be involved with Go Run for Fun and encourage the children of all ages and abilities to take part in the event.

“More than 50 local mums have come through Gomersal Mums on the Run since April 2013 and we couldn’t be prouder of our success motivating women who thought running wasn’t for them, several are now tackling half marathons!

“It is a great opportunity for the children to join in now, too.”

The event was also attended by Meghan Beesley, who will be competing in the 400m event in this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Meghan said: “I am delighted to support the GO Run For Fun campaign. It is great to have local running clubs and national campaigns working together to encourage our younger generations to start running and keep running.

“We really must make sure that kids are given the opportunity to get active from an early age, and GO Run For Fun provides the chance to do just that.

“If they enjoy it you never know where it might end up, we might find Britain’s best talent for the future.”

More than 20,000 children have taken part in its runs since August last year. It expects to organise 250 events over the next three years involving more than 100,000 across the UK.

For more information on the project visit: www.gorunforfun.com.