Great North Run training diary 8: Claire Armstrong

ON THE RUN: Great North Run training diary supported by Kirklees Active Leisure.
ON THE RUN: Great North Run training diary supported by Kirklees Active Leisure.
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Reporter Series journalists Georgina Morris, Lauren Ballinger and Claire Armstrong are competing in this year’s Great North Run in aid of Action for Children.

They’re sharing their progress with readers along the way as the team at Kirklees Active Leisure does its best to get them ready for the challenge ahead.

Claire writes:

“FOR people who like a bit of a dance and a bit of a fight, I have a suggestion.

“No, it’s not a night out in Wakefield, it’s Body Combat – a cross between aerobics and martial arts.

“As we prepare for the Great North Run, Kirklees Active Leisure has been encouraging us to try out a few fitness classes at Dewsbury Sports Centre, and this was the latest one.

“In the class, everyone lines up in rows and performs punching and kicking attacks in unison.

“It’s all in time to some pretty tough-sounding music, such as hip-hop, techno or heavy metal.

“And the workout is equally as tough. We’re taken through the moves slowly before they’re sped up.

“The instructor provides evocative images of exactly what we’re doing to our imaginary assailants (‘Hold them down and punch them!’).

“This is peppered with frankly terrifying war cries and the odd telling-off when we break into ‘Zumba hips’ or don’t give the class our all.

“It may sound a bit daunting but it’s actually a lot of fun, and it’s not too complicated so beginners like Georgina and I could easily find our feet.

“And the best bit about it is it makes you feel like a superhero.

“I’m sure I looked like I was being attacked by a swarm of bees, but in my head I was an amazingly cool ninja playing out a part in the Matrix.”