Grieving mum releases video of moment her son died

A grieving mother has released video footage showing the moment her beloved son was killed in a motorcycling accident, to warn others to take care on the roads.

Monday, 8th August 2016, 1:06 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:36 pm

In the video, Beverley Clark describes the “heart-stopping” point she was told her 22-year-old son Lewis had died, whilst visiting the Isle of Man for the annual TT Races.

The devastated mum, from South Elmsall, said: “Lewis had travelled to the TT races happy and laughing. He came home silent, broken and dead. My son, aged 22, came home in a coffin.”

The accident happened on August 30, 2015, during the Isle of Man festival but the crash was not connected to the event.

An inquest found Lewis was hit head-on by another motorbike, which had not returned to its own side of the road after overtaking. The crash caused a fireball, which killed both riders.

Mrs Clark, 51 said: “When Lewis died, it just felt so final. I wanted to keep his memory going and for there to be a reason that this had happened.”

She contacted the Isle of Man Constabulary Road Policing Unit (IOMRPU) and has worked with the sergeants to release the video showing the crash.

She said: “I want to say to all road users that if you cannot commit to a manoeuvre 100 per cent safely, don’t do it, because you could leave behind so much devastation.

“Look at what can happen from a wrong manoeuvre, from a split second lapse of concentration.

“Our family is broken and we can’t repair it.”

Mrs Clark said she hoped the video would make people “really think” about road safety.

“We want to raise awareness that actions can have severe consequences and just think about people’s loved ones at home,” she said.

“Enjoy the ride, enjoy the road, enjoy the bike but please keep yourself and others safe.”

The heartbroken mum added: “Lewis was carefree and innocent doing what he loved to do the most in life, riding his motorbike.

“He wasn’t racing or speeding. He was alcohol and drug free. He was loving life and living in the moment, just as he always did.”

Lewis, who worked as a chef at Oulton Hall, left behind his mother, father Andrew, and two older sisters.

The family have raised more than £5,000 in his memory for the Whiteknights Blood Bikes charity.

Lewis had planned to become a volunteer member of the group, which transport blood, plasma, tissue samples and other supplies between hospitals, hospices and supply centres.

Mrs Clark said: “Since Lewis’ death, we have just taken it one day at a time.

“We have our ups and downs but it’s not life anymore. It just feels like we are surviving not living, without Lewis.

“He was such a big character. He was happy-go-lucky. There is a big hole in our family, knowing we don’t have that big happy smiling character around.

“It is just so empty and lonely without him. What we would give just to hold him close and tell him we love him.

“We never got a chance to say goodbye and that hurts the most.”

The IOMRPU published the video of the motorbike crash on YouTube.

Officers said: “Its main purpose is to highlight the awful things that can happen on open public roads when concentration is not 100 per cent.”

In the video, they ask motorists to learn from “the very sad affair”, adding: “Think of the loved ones you would leave behind, next time you consider a dangerous or careless manoeuvre.”

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