Call to stand up for our hospital

A campaigner with almost 30 years experience of fighting health service cuts has urged people in North Kirklees to stand up for their hospital.

Dr John Lister, of London Health Emergency, said the communities served by Dewsbury and District Hospital must not give up their efforts to protect emergency, children’s and maternity services.

Speaking at a public meeting on Monday, he said: “You don’t just have to sit here, watch it and say it’s hopeless.

“Let’s get out there. Let’s get fighting and let’s stop these cutbacks before Dewsbury really does suffer.”

The meeting in Dewsbury Town Hall was hosted by campaign group Save Our Local Hospital Services.

Dr Lister shared the findings of the Dead Weight report, which he prepared for the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals branch of Unison.

He also spoke about the ongoing public consultation into service changes, criticising the level of information on the extra community services that health bosses say will mean fewer hospital visits.

Dr Lister said: “You can’t allow existing services to go on the vague promises that somewhere later on community services will turn up. You have to challenge that.”