Choose appropriate bank holiday service, NHS urges


People have been urged to choose the most appropriate NHS service to meet their needs over the forthcoming August Bank Holiday weekend.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust said GP surgeries or pharmacists can often be better placed to help than going to A&E.
The trust also wants to ensure residents with repeat prescriptions have enough medication to last over the holiday period.
Dr Sarah Robertshaw, lead emergency medicine consultant at the trust, said: “Services can be stretched over the three day holiday period and it’s vital to plan ahead and know exactly where to get help if you need it.
“Lots of people take themselves to A&E, but quite often they find their GP surgery or pharmacist is better placed to help them.
“We want to ensure people keep the emergency departments for emergencies only.”
The trust added that people should take note of the opening times of their local pharmacy.
But it said people should call 999 immediately if they suspect suspect critical or life threatening condition such as a stroke or heart attack.
Pharmacy opening times for North Kirklees can be found at