‘Heartless’ yobs targeted charity shop for homeless

Danae Barber and Christine Smith at Shelter Trading in Batley. (w252a447)
Danae Barber and Christine Smith at Shelter Trading in Batley. (w252a447)

Burglars broke into and trashed a Batley charity shop, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Homelessness charity shop Shelter Trading, in Commercial Street, was targeted by yobs last Thursday.

The shop’s manager, Danae Barber, said the damage - which included two broken doors, smashed safety glass and the trashing of the shop’s donated stock - was “devastating” for the charity so close to Christmas.

She said: “We were all shaken up when we saw the damage this morning, there was glass everywhere, it wasn’t a nice feeling to see the shop in that state.

“Whoever did it is heartless because we’re a charity, we rely on people’s generosity.

“All this does is hurt the homeless people we are trying to help.

“The cost of repairing the damage will now take away from money that could have been put towards our help-line and services which is devastating, especially this close to Christmas.”

There was evidence that the yobs tried to break into the shop’s safe but Mrs Barber said nothing of value was taken.

Shop volunteer Christine Smith, who was first to see the damage, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the shop, I was scared to go inside at first.

I can’t believe that someone could actually do that, it’s disgusting.”

West Yorkshire Police said it was investigating the break-in and enquiries were ongoing.

Anyone who with information should call them on 101.