High school sweethearts to wed at last

TWO high school sweethearts who led 'parallel lives' after going their separate ways have rekindled their romance and are now getting married.

Morwenn Evans, 41, and Andy Breare, 40, both moved to Cornwall after university without knowing the other had done so. They married other people and had children, but met up again after they both become single – and knew from their first date they were meant to be together.

The couple, who now live in Plymouth, are to be married at Upper Hopton Church next month.

Morwenn said: "We met when we were 13 at Mirfield train station, catching the train to school. We were in the same year – I went to Wakefield Girls' School and he went to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield."

Romance blossomed and they shared their first kiss at Bradford Ice Rink, where they skated holding hands.

Years passed and they both went to university and started careers.

And in 1992, they both moved to the South West, oblivious that the other had done so too.

Morwenn said: "I moved to Cornwall to work for the county council and he got a job doing the breakfast show on the local radio.

"I had just moved to the other end of the world thinking I didn't know anybody. I was driving to work and switched on the radio and he was saying: 'It's Andy Breare for the breakfast show,' and I thought 'I do know somebody!'

"It's an amazing coincidence."

Both Andy and Morwenn had married and had children with other partners.

Morwenn said: "When our children were small we met up a few times and took them for days out a few times, and we stayed in touch. But then we found we were both single. We met up for lunch in September 2007 and it was really obvious that this was it. It almost felt like everything has been leading up to this.

"It turns out there are so many people that we both know separately who mustn't have known we knew each other. Our favourite restaurant was the same and we had been to some of the same events without knowing the other was there."

For Morwenn's 40th birthday, Andy took her ice skating in New York's Central Park.

And he popped the question on April 17 this year at the couple's home. Morwenn said: "He said, 'when it's this special there is no need for grand gestures.'"

The couple decided to come back to Mirfield to marry, and the ceremony will take place on July 18 at Upper Hopton Church, where Andy's mum Chris is warden.

Andy's daughter Tabitha, 12, will be a bridesmaid. His son Archie, eight, and Morwenn's son Tom, also eight, will be ushers.

They will take a family holiday in Europe before Andy and Morwenn go on honeymoon to the Seychelles.

Morwenn said: "We have almost lived parallel lives without knowing the other one has done the same thing. It feels like fate."