Honesty pays for school trip boys

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THERE’S an old saying that honesty is the best policy. And it’s certainly been the case for two Dewsbury lads.

The pair found a £20 note while on a school trip, handed it in and forgot about it. But a week later, Junaid Khan and Talha Ashrafi got a letter returning the cash which was never claimed.

A delighted Lesley Butcher, headteacher at Boothroyd Junior and Infant School, had no hesitation in deciding the boys should have the money themselves.

She said: “We thought it would show the boys that honesty really does pay. We are very proud of our pupils at Boothroyd.”

Junaid and Talha, both 10, spotted the money on the ground at Eden Camp in North Yorkshire where they were on a school visit. Junaid was first to see it, then Talha. “We never thought of doing anything else but handing it in,” said Junaid. And both boys agree on what they are going to do with their £10. “It will go in my money-box,” said Junaid. “I’m saving it,” said Talha.