Hoping for a few heavenly nights at Sin

A NEW nightspot is opening in Mirfield – on the site of a club tainted by tragedy.

The Sin nightclub takes a bow later this month in the former HQ, whose name came to be linked with the death of a Mirfield soccer star two years ago.

And that's one of the reasons Batley businessmen Chris Johnston and Mark Hawks have made a clean sweep of the venue.

The club has a new look, new staff and a new slant on music.

"The emphasis is very much on the word new," said 26-year-old Chris. "And we hope people will give it a chance."

Chris and business partner Mark also run Eco Control Solutions in Bradford Road, Batley.

"The club was ready to run. All the music was working and the bar was okay. But we started tweaking and it went on to become a blank slate," said Chris.

HQ closed late last autumn. Its name had become synonymous with the death of Ross Wood, who died after being attacked outside the club.

"We wanted to put our own stamp on things, to change it all around," said Chris. "The club had a bad reputation because of the death of Ross Wood. But we understand it was nothing to do with the club itself, just the association."

They have changed the door staff and there is a big difference in the music which will be played in the club - it will be more commercial, more dance oriented.

"We want the club to be more widely acceptable and to get local people in again - as it was a few years ago," said Chris. "We are aiming for a trouble-free environment. Definitely."

Some jobs have been created, too. Four door staff have been recruited and bar staff are being taken on. The bar manager is from Mirfield and a couple of the DJs are from Liversedge.

Sin opens on the weekend of March 20/21. After that, it will open on Friday and Saturday nights, plus speciality nights and private bookings.