Hospital ‘wick with big rats’

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THE grounds of Dewsbury and District Hospital are ‘wick with rats’.

This was the complaint from a patient who says large rodents can be seen on a daily basis near the main building.

Stephen Dalby claims big rats are climbing into rubbish bins. And he adds that although nurses have also complained about the infestation, some staff ‘just laugh and joke’.

“Something needs to be done about this,” said 55-year-old Mr Dalby, of Princess Lane in Chickenley. “The place is practically heaving with rats.

“Outside the Ridings building, as it’s dropping dark, you can see the rats coming out of the bushes. There are two bins there and when they are not emptied the rats jump inside. Even nurses have complained. Security will only say they are dealing with it.”

Mr Dalby left the hospital last week after spending 10 days there as an in-patient. He was often outside during the evening or early morning. “I saw them every time I went out,” he said. “If I had been in there any longer I would have asked my wife to bring a video camera to film what is happening. I reported it to staff but they just laugh and joke.

“I picked up a dead pigeon from the road and gave it to security officers, but they just threw it into the bushes.”

Mr Dalby said many other people have complained about the rats. “It’s not good,” he said.

Gordon Walker, acting director of estates, facilities and the hospitals development project, said: “We have received reports of rodent sightings at the Dewsbury site. As with all such reports, we immediately investigated and put measures in place to deal with it. We continue to monitor this.

“We take a preventive and zero tolerance approach to pests and have an ongoing pest control programme across our hospitals including weekly ‘checking’ site visits to put any preventive or reactive treatments in place. All reported problems are quickly investigated and dealt with as necessary.”