House builder unveils 11 new sites

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One of Yorkshire’s leading house-builders has announced it will be creating 11 new sites over the next 12 months, underpinning thousands of jobs for local people.

Barratt Yorkshire West plans to build in Adel, Otley and Wakefield, supporting 2,520 jobs in building and selling the new homes.

The housebuilder predominately employs local sub-contractors and tradesmen – so local businesses and people will benefit directly from the jobs.

Sam Wood, sales director at Barratt Yorkshire West, said: “The Prime Minister has said again and again that one of the best ways to boost economic growth and get people working is through building more homes.

“The plans we have announced show exactly how that theory works in practice. We expect to launch 11 new sites this year. These will provide 1,260 desperately needed new homes for local people at a time when there is a chronic shortage of housing.

“In addition to the local construction jobs underpinned in building the new homes, the local people who move into the new housing will also spend their wages locally. This translates into a significant boost for local retailers at a time when concerns remain about the national financial picture.”