How to spend our £1m?

MORE jobs, better bus services and health checks are some of the ways people in Dewsbury Moor want to spend a £1m lotto boost.

People met at the Wroe Street Estate Dream Event on Saturday to discuss ideas. The gathering was part of a programme of sessions being held to ensure the best use is made of community cash granted to Dewsbury Moor by The Big Lottery Fund last July.

Tenants and Residents Association spokesman Chris Jenkinson said: “Visitors surprised me by turning up with so many new and original ideas. All this highlighted the importance of the exercise and how this really is Dreams for Dewsbury Moor and its residents.”

Among suggestions were more facilities for older people, better bus services, a tools library, a dinner club, dance/fitness classes and more jobs. An initial £10,000 from the funding has been requested for ideas sessions to be held and a big community event is planned for May 4 on the Westmoor field.