I don’t want it in town

As a council tax-paying member of Mirfield I strongly object to plans to a Tesco store to be dumped in the centre of our historic town.

The town has recently undergone roadworks with traffic lights and islands added as the council felt it necessary – the people of Mirfield did not! Now further traffic could be on its way to clog up this already busy stretch of road and create congestion and possible accidents not to mention noise.

Tourists, believe it or not actually get off the train here or moor their boats and wander into the historic little town and find pleasant, helpful, friendly people.

Now put a Tesco right in the middle – businesses that are doing their best wills truggle, some may close, people will lose jobs, shutters will come down, buildings will crumble and in a few years time, Mirfield will be like Dewsbury.

I object to paying my council tax when it is wasted. I object to the fancy gates at the front of Ings Grove Park, I object to the road systems being messed around with, I object to the police not doing more or the courts, with the people who make lives a misery with crimes they constantly commit.

But I like living in Mirfield, despite these wastes of money and blights on our town. I like Mirfield for the bit of history it has.

And I like to shop here, the staff are friendlier than anywhere else and I like to walk or drive around my little town. My taxes go to Kirklees Council and I expect my taxes to be used by the council to say no to Tesco.


Northway Gardens