Investigations made into subsidence at Mirfield Railway Station

SUBSIDENCE ISSUES Mirfield Railway Station. (d541f423)
SUBSIDENCE ISSUES Mirfield Railway Station. (d541f423)

A dispute about a hole in the entrance to Mirfield Railway Station has erupted this week.

Rail user Graham Riding suggested authorities were ignoring a hole in the station entrance, and that temporary fencing has been left around it for a year.

But rail companies say it is not a sink-hole, and they are monitoring the situation.

Mr Riding said: “It has been at least a year since a hole appeared at the entrance to platform one and temporary fencing was put up around it.

“Obviously this is unsightly and given the lack of action gives the impression that no one cares about the station.

“This being one of the most used stations in Kirklees, at times you feel you are treated like a second-class citizens.”

A spokeswoman for Northern Rail, which runs the site, said there was no sink-hole, and that the issue was subsidence which was currently being monitored.

A Network Rail spokeswoman added: “We are carrying out extensive investigations to understand the root cause of the subsidence at Mirfield which we believe may be associated with a demolished station building.

“Safety of the public is our priority and we are carefully monitoring the situation.”