"It was horrific": father of family hospitalised in Batley car smash

Sohail with his son, who received medical treatment.
Sohail with his son, who received medical treatment.

The father of a family seriously injured in a Batley road smash has described his gratitude to residents who rushed to their aid.

Sohail Anwar, 38, arrived at the scene of the crash just 200 yards from his family home in Batley to find his wife and four children ‘strewn across the road’ receiving treatment.

The car was badly damaged in the collision.

The car was badly damaged in the collision.

The graphic smash took place on White Lee Road on Sunday evening, hospitalising his entire family, including his eight-year-old son, who was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary where he is recovering from a bleed on the liver.

His wife, 37-year-old driving instructor Rizwana Hussain, suffered internal bleeding and was rushed to Pinderfields along with his two daughters - aged 15 and 11 - and his four-year-old son. All suffered broken bones but are understood to be recovering.

“It was horrific,” Sohail said, “I got there and all I could see was this huge wagon pointing in the wrong direction and lights everywhere.

“I just started shivering and was running around like a headless chicken. My family were strewn all over the road - how do you decide who you go to? I was all over the place.

“People came out of their houses to help and I can never thank them enough. One was holding my son’s head in place, people came out with curtains to keep my family warm, they came out with drinks.

“I was shocked. People talk about so much segregation between communities here but there was none of that, people just wanted to help us.”

Sohail, who moved with his family to nearby Dale Lane in Batley just two months ago, is under no illusions that the situation could have been a lot worse.

"The door where my four-year-old was sitting flew open in the crash.

"You never know what your children of that age are doing in the car, do you? Whether they've been playing with their seat belt or they've taken it off.

"Thank god he did have it on, because he'd have been thrown out of the car and anything could have happened."

An air ambulance was called to attend to the eight-year-old boy but was turned around. Fire crews also attended. Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision. Anyone with any information is asked to call police via 101.