JLS is a hit with Samina

A CHARITY hit the right note with a teenager when it organised for her to meet boy band JLS.

Samina Javaid, 16, has cystic fibrosis which means a daily routine of nebulisers, medications, physio, overnight feeds and regular admissions to hospital.

It was her dream to meet JLS and on Monday Samina’s wish came true thanks to the charity Rays of Sunshine.

Samina, her parents, Javaid and Nasim, and brothers, Subhaan and Shakil, went to London on Monday for sightseeing, a meal and a hotel stay.

The next morning Samina, of Savile Road, Dewsbury, donned a new outfit and met JLS, before a limousine ride to Planet Hollywood for lunch.

Shakil said: “The wish was brilliant, we were looked after really well.

“The whole family enjoyed it and mum really appreciated everything they did for us.”