Joiner, 23, committed suicide

A JOINER killed himself by overdosing on an anti-depressant at the Mirfield home he shared with his mother.

Coroner Roger Whittaker recorded a verdict of suicide. Mark Richard Brammer, of Uplands Drive, Mirfield, was found dead on the morning of February 14, 2003, having overdosed on Dothiepin.

The inquest heard that Mr Brammer, 23, had had discussions with his girlfriend in the days before his death about 'going away for a while.'

A statement was read by his girlfriend, Louise Susan Ikin, which said she had known Mr Brammer for five years and had gone out with him for three and a half.

They broke up in August 2001, but later got back together.

In early 2003 their work commitments meant they saw little of each other, and on Friday, February 7, they had an argument about the lack of time they were spending together.

Her statement said: "The following Thursday I went out with a girl friend. He phoned to say he was going away for a while but would not say where."

Two further calls took place, and still he refused to explain where he was going.

She said he did not talk about killing himself, although when the couple broke up previously he had told her he would harm himself if they did not get back together.

Mr Brammer had been out drinking the night before his death with his colleague Adam Gleghorn.

In a statement Mr Gleghorn said: "He said he was not going into work next day, but I didn't attach any more importance to that."

Mr Gleghorn rang him the following day when he did not appear at work, and when he could not contact him on his mobile, tried calling him at home.

Mr Brammer's mother said she had thought her son was at work. When Mr Gleghorn spoke to her a second time, she said she believed he was dead.

Mr Gleghorn arrived at the house at about 8.25am and found Mr Brammer dead in his bedroom.

Pathologist Patricia Gudgeon said Mr Brammer's body contained twice the legal driving limit of alcohol and a dosage equivalent to 10 to 12 Paracetamol tablets as well as five times the normal level of Dothiepin. Mr Brammer had died of cardio-respiratory failure due to an overdose of Dothiepin.