Jordan bucks the child care career trend

A TEENAGER is smashing stereotypes by becoming a fully-qualified child carer.

Jordan Turton is training for the job after a work placement at the Pied Piper Childcare Centre in Mirfield.

But his journey into the profession really began when he picked up a brochure about Rathbone, a training scheme for young people, at his local careers office.

Jordan said: "I thought about painting and decorating but childcare seemed the right career for me and I'm really enjoying it now."

Recent research by the General Teaching Council of England showed there were just two male nursery nurses working in state schools in the entire country. But that hasn't stopped the 17-year-old from starting a Level 3 apprenticeship and proving that child care can be a job for the boys.

He said: "I am used to the company of girls but sometimes I wonder why I'm the only male in my class and why more lads don't want to be child carers."

And those female friends are right behind Jordan's career choice.

Jodie Rawlinson, 17 and from Shaw Cross, is studying with Jordan at the Rathbone charity in Wakefield Old Road, Dewsbury.

She said: "I've seen one or two blokes training at nurseries and the children really cling to them. Not all lads want to be builders or plumbers and I think Jordan is a really good male role model."

Jordan is currently working at the Scholes First and Nursery School in Cleckheaton.