Kirklees budget: your final chance to save Batley and Birstall’s services

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Batley and Birstall residents now have the chance to speak out specifically against cuts to their services.

Below is a breakdown of proposals which affect our area, as outlined in Kirklees Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan 2015-2018.

Popular Birstall attraction Oakwell Hall is in jeopardy, because only two museums would remain open in the district. In 2017-18, £531,000 would be cut from a budget which currently tops £1m. To try and avoid closures, a shift to a commercial model would take force.

Birstall and Birkenshaw Children’s Centre is under threat – the current £395,000 day care delivery budget would be cut over three years.

Only two libraries could be kept running, meaning Birstall’s Market Street service faces the chop. More than £3m would be cut from the £5,754,000 overall funding.

Batley and Birstall’s “loss-making” open markets would still be closed down. The report notes the likely impact on other traders and shoppers – particularly the elderly.

Arts provision would be reduced, including the removal of events and creative sector funding and grants.

In 2016-17, the entire current £629,000 budget for PCSOs could be slashed, and the council’s contribution to this service would end.

There would be a significant reduction of CCTV in the district, with £246,000 cut in 2016-17.