Kirklees Council's garden waste service is blooming

Over 10,000 households have signed up for Kirklees Council’s new brown bin garden waste collection service since its February launch.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 1:02 pm
Kirklees Council's garden waste collections will being at the end of May.
Kirklees Council's garden waste collections will being at the end of May.

The first bin collections will start at the end of this month and the council has now published collection dates so households can find out when their bins will be emptied by using their My Kirklees Account or online at who ordered a bin after April 28 will be able to find their collection dates online later next week.

Those households with grey, green and brown bins may be asked to present two different coloured bins at the kerbside on the same day, but the council is reassuring households that their bins will be emptied by different wagons, possibly at different times of the day, and should not mistake this for a missed collection.

Only one type of coloured bin per wagon is collected to prevent cross-contamination of contents. Only if a bin has not been emptied by 5pm the day after your normal collection day should a missed bin report be made to the council.

Karl Battersby, Strategic Director, Economy and Infrastructure Kirklees Council, said: “One of our key outcomes is to create a clean and green environment for Kirklees and the enthusiasm with which our residents have taken up this offer shows they care about this too.

"We’re really pleased so many households have taken advantage of the garden waste service which is cleaner, greener and more convenient for many. This service will help us to recycle more in Kirklees and the recycled product will be used in local growing projects.

"If you haven’t already signed up for the service, it’s not too late. Use your My Kirklees Account or go”

The huge take up of the service means the council is still delivering bins. Those ordered by April 7 will be delivered by May 15. Those ordered between April 7 and May 15 will be delivered by May 24. Any bins ordered after May 15 will have a two week wait for delivery. Annual subscription starts from first collection.

Households can sign up for the garden service online at a cost of £37.50 for one year’s collection of one bin. Kirklees Passport holders will receive a 20 per cent discount off this price.

Those signing up will receive a brown bin for fortnightly collections of garden waste between February and November. A collection service for a second bin can be requested at any time for an additional £30.

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