Labour peer speaks about inequality

Paula Sherriff and Baroness Lawrence at Ravensthorpe Community Centre.
Paula Sherriff and Baroness Lawrence at Ravensthorpe Community Centre.

A Dewsbury parliamentary candidate met young people at a community centre with Baroness Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Labour’s parliamentary candidate Paula Sherriff and Baroness Lawrence spoke to more than 50 young people at Ravensthorpe Community Centre about the difficulties faced by black and ethnic minority communities.

Miss Sherriff said: “Doreen is a truly inspirational woman, who embodies our struggle against inequalities, injustice and the continuing fight against racism.

“A Labour government would strengthen the law and promise a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime, such as anti-Semitism and islamophobia. We will challenge prejudice before it grows, whether in schools, universities or on social media.

“We know that racial harassment, bullying and discrimination are still a sad reality for too many.

“I’m committed to tackle bigotry and racism in all its forms.”

Baroness Lawrence said: “This election is hugely important for young people. Most young people I talk to think politics doesn’t concern them but it does. I came to Dewsbury to highlight the importance of this election and how the outcome will determine the progress of equality. This Government doesn’t have race on the agenda whatsoever. Labour has a BAME manifesto which champions greater diversity across public life, pushes for better representation across the police, judiciary and in the boardroom.”