LETTER: Article brought back memories of days gone by

I wish to thank you for the amazing photo of the M62 in the November 10 edition (40 years of the M62).

Monday, 19th December 2016, 12:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:03 pm
M62 motorway and moors near Rishworth.

I find truly awesome the amount of countryside covered by this vista. It is a tribute to the photographer and modern technology.

Without wishing in anyway to detract from the picture, it does seem such a pity the photo was allowed to be printed over two separate pages.

It is so obviously the kind of material anyone would wish to cut out and retain. Incidentally, what a work of art it would make, in vivid colour.

As to the rest of the article, the regrettable matter of M62 traffic hold-ups.

They are a problem although as an infrequent user of this highway, I personally have not experienced much delay hereabouts.

The planned improvements between junction 10 and 12 must be good news for regular users.

The news must also be of interest to the much-maligned occupant at Stott Hill Farm, who has been blamed for the vast extra outlay and expense attributed to the detour that was necessary.

In my youth, I was a much-travelled cyclist and now as a 95-year-old I can dimly recall the thin ribbon of road that crossed this bleak area, prior to the M62’s construction.

It was at best a pitiful means of connecting Yorkshire with Lancashire yet it was chosen as the route for most journeys between the two.

My grateful thanks, once again to your paper, for bringing back old memories of youthful scenes.

K Clayton, Woodside, Bradford