LETTER: Disgusted by theft of tree in broad daylight

Just to report to your newspaper an incident that I witnessed on the Spen Valley Greenway.

Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 1:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:51 pm

Sometimes you have your faith in human nature restored and sometimes completely destroyed - but not usually within a space of ten minutes!

This time of year is supposed to be the time of giving, not just presents but joy and happiness.

I walk regularly on the Spen Valley Greenway, on which has been growing a Christmas tree.

It has been growing there for the past few years now and is about five-foot tall.

This week I took my dogs along the Greenway and passed the said Christmas tree.

It has brought a smile to my face and others as day by day people have added baubles and tinsel to its branches.

Each day another trinket has been added and I have smiled as I have passed it.

Today it stood proudly with new additions of small teddies and Santa decorations and a star now placed on its top.

On my return as I passed the tree again I could see a young man and a girl approaching me.

They looked as though they had been at the local stables as the young girl was in riding gear.

The man nodded at me and said ‘hello’ and passed by.

Nothing unusual in that except that he was carrying a saw at his side.

My suspicions were aroused and I glanced back to see what they were going to do.

They walked past the little tree and then when I looked back they had turned around and gone into the edge by the tree and cut it down!

They reappeared carrying the tree with all its Christmas decorations. What a selfish and mean act.

The tree was there for everyone to enjoy, not just with its Christmas trimmings but all year round.

This is a public path, the tree did not belong to them and so this is theft.

For someone to come along and quite brazenly cut it down to take home to adorn their own house left me speechless.

I dare not challenge the theft as you just do not know what reaction you might get but I felt upset at such a selfish act.

What I can do is let everyone know on here what a selfish thoughtless thief this man is and how he is showing a child that it is okay to steal and take what you want regardless of anyone else.

I hope that the pair who stole the tree discover the true meaning of Christmas and are totally ashamed of their behaviour.

Linda Hopkinson, via email