LETTER: Incensed at decision to shut Kirklees museum

I was incensed to read that despite the public outcry, the Red House Museum is to close.

Tuesday, 18th October 2016, 10:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:10 pm
15th December 2008 Red House, Gomersal Feature on christmas at the house. PICTURES BY MATTHEW PAGE

Kirklees Council is singularly failing in its duty as a public service.

It no longer serves our community and it is not ‘fit for purpose.’

Museums, libraries, nursing homes, hospitals, all these are things that enrich and safeguard the lives of the people that live here such as good roads, well-kept verges, flower displays at roundabouts, clean, safe streets etc.

All these enhance the quality of our lives.

But no, people don’t matter any more, only money matters.

This insidious policy of austerity has made our country into a shabby place to live and sadly I am ashamed of what what it has become.

What we have lost we will never get back.

As a taxpayer that pays for our council services I’m stating here and now that Kirklees Council does NOT have my permission to close Red House Museum.

The people who made this decision do not serve nor represent the community and need to go.

The Red House is an important part of OUR heritage.

The decision by a handful of useless, fly-by-night councillors to discard it as a liability is simply disgusting.

They will soon be gone but their legacy will remain with us forever.

Why do we pay our council taxes?

Nobody in their right mind pays more for less.

Enough is enough.

Gareth Nolan, Queen Street, Gomersal