LETTER: We need more than just opposition

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I do not currently hold any publicly elected office at present but I have previously had more success in protecting Mirfield’s green spaces than all Mirfield’s current councillors combined and so I feel well placed to criticise last weeks’ outpourings about potential development from the Mirfield Conservative Councillors.

From their comments, one might be forgiven for thinking they have nothing to do with the latest proposals for a Kirklees-wide Local Plan. However, the Tory Group agrees that a Local Plan is needed so the council can exercise realistic controls over where developers build. Its Councillors contributed to the present proposals.

There is no recognition in the comments that their government has increased the number of houses that must be built in our area. This has drastically reduced the choices available to the Council.

If land is allocated for development as now proposed, the Mirfield Tory Councillors’ press comments contain no recognition that major building would only go ahead if new infrastructure, roads included, was available to support the development.

Mirfield Tory Councillors may succeed in whipping up concern about development in or close to Mirfield, however, something better is required from them. A good start would be a full and public recognition of the situation as it exists.

If they think an area is unsuitable for development, they should be proposing an alternative. I am unaware of any such proposal.

I expect there will be a school of thought that says no more building is needed. Responsible councillors should know that position is unsupportable. They should be reflecting the reality instead of trying to play to a gallery stuffed with those who hold such a view. Playing to the gallery may attract votes but it will sell residents and our area short.

Michael Hutchinson, Gregory Springs Lane, Mirfield