LETTERS: Make your shopping Fairtrade

Rev Kevin Partington of Dewsbury Minster, which supports Fairtrade.
Rev Kevin Partington of Dewsbury Minster, which supports Fairtrade.

This year Fairtrade Fortnight runs from February 23 to March 8.

We are proud that Yorkshire was declared the UK’s first Fairtrade region, and Kirklees successfully renewed its status as a Fairtrade Borough in January 2015. 
Fairtrade continues to grow in Kirklees and many events for schools, faith groups and businesses promote Fairtrade.

In Dewsbury, several churches promote Fairtrade products, using them for refreshments at meetings. 
The Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales is a Fairtrade diocese and is running a

poster competition for schools, individuals and churches to advertise Fairtrade chocolate and cocoa.

Goods bearing the Fairtrade logo benefit farmers, workers and communities in the developing world by ensuring better prices and decent working conditions. Farmers receive agreed, stable and sustainable prices and extra premiums to invest in their communities.

Fairtrade Fortnight is promoted by many development agencies including Oxfam, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Traidcraft, SCIAF and the Mothers’ Union. Countries in the more affluent western world are now becoming more aware of their responsibility to deal justly and fairly with the developing world and to help them attain higher standards of living.

Buy products bearing the Fairtrade logo in Fairtrade Fortnight and help provide opportunities for better lives for others.

Anne Robinson

Henley Avenue, Thornhill