Life at Mirfield's Community of the Resurrection

JUST as Mirfield is coming to life, before rush hour, before the shops open and children start school, the Community of the Resurrection brothers shuffle in to their secluded church for the 6.45am service.

Sitting in the half light, the small congregation waits until the bell tolls before the service begins.

The community superior and the brothers repeat psalms, prayers and hymns, and have been following this ritual four times a day, every day, since the community was founded in 1892.

These 19 men live a life quietly devoted to the search for, and serving, God.

Community superior Father George Guiver said: "It's about living life to the full."

Father George said there was currently a lot of interest from young men who wanted to join.

He said: "Until recently we have said you can't join until you're 28, because you don't have experience of life. We have had a lot of requests from people in their mid 20s. We had a discussion and said we will see how we get on. We have been through a long period when there was very little interest but there is a good interest now.

"I think there's a change in atmosphere."

For more on Mirfield's monks, see this week's Reporter. People are realising a deep need to find meaning in life and some solid ground somewhere in a world where everything seems to be shifting.

“We always ask ‘what are you looking for?’ and in the end it’s God.”