Little minx wreaks havoc at fish pond

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A ROGUE wild mink sparked a day of drama in Mirfield.

Jennie Crossland couldn’t believe her eyes when she realised something was attacking fish in a pond in the back garden of their home.

At first she thought it was a ferret.

But it became clear the little predator was a mink, which are classed as vermin.

Mrs Crossland spent most of the day standing guard at the couple’s home in Sands Lane, close to Hag Wood.

“It was unbelievable,” she said. “I kept seeing its little nose pop up out of the water.”

But while the mink might have looked cute, it wasn’t such a good day for the Koi carp and other fish in the Crosslands’ pond.

The mink ate one small fish and took a chunk out of an 18-inch Koi. Other fish in the pond were terrorised by the creature.

A pest control firm was called out and they set traps for the mink.

“But it just ignored them,” said Mrs Crossland. “It kept on coming back all day. It was brazen. And very tame.

“We could get right up close to it.”

Eventually, when all else failed, a neighbour shot the mink.

“It was awful to be honest,” said Mrs Crossland. “But what else could we do?”

The injured Koi – which can cost up to £150 each – survived the attack and is recovering.

Pest control told the Crosslands that it was rare to see mink in such circumstances, especially since it was quite a way from the River Calder.

And the incident remains a mystery for the Crosslands. “We have no idea where the mink came from,” said Mrs Crossland. “But what a day it gave us. It was non-stop.”

The couple will also be keeping an eye out for more visits as pest control said minks often leave a scent which can attract others to the scene.