Man attacked with weapons by group

A father and son carried out a violent attack on a man who they were feuding with over money, a court heard.

Saturday, 9th November 2013, 2:09 pm
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Mohammed Liakat Alam, 44, and Gazam Alam, 25, of Savile Grove, Savile Town, Dewsbury, were among a group of seven people who ambushed the victim when he was trying to get home.

Mohammed Alam had been involved in a long feud over money owed to Mr Syed, after two of Mr Alam’s sons damaged the victim’s car with a metal pipe.

Leeds Crown Court heard the father-of-six agreed to pay £100 for the damage, but Mr Syed wanted more money.

Simon Haring, prosecuting, told the court Mr Syed had been accused of making threats to Mohammed Alam’s sons on July 1 this year.

He said: “The complainant received a call from the father and he told the defendant that the threats were not true.

“Mr Syed left his house at 10pm and was driving down Huddersfield Road when he received another phone call.

“He was told they were coming round his house to kill him.”

Mr Syed drove to his home in Broad Street, Dewsbury, and discovered a group of men standing on waste ground nearby, the court heard.

Mr Haring said: “Mr Syed parked his car and began running towards his home.

“The group caught up with him and pulled him to the ground, where he was punched and hit with weapons including a metal bar.”

Mr Syed was taken to Pinderfields Hospital with injuries to his face, left knee and right shoulder.

Charlotte Worsley, mitigating, said: “The defendant [Alam Snr] tried to pay for the damage and on this occasion hoped to resolve the matters.

“He got out of his vehicle and Mr Syed tried to run him over. Then the fight started.”

Mohammed Alam and Gazam Alam both pleaded guilty to a charge of affray.

Recorder Michael Smith said: “The offence that you admitted is serious because we cannot tolerate violence in the streets in any circumstances.

“When things arose, you should have rung the police instead of taking the matter into your own hands.”

Leeds Crown Court gave both men a 12 month conditional order with 150 hours unpaid work.