Man jailed for sex with girl, 14

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A man has been jailed after he twice had sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Leeds Crown Court heard on the first occasion Umar Ali Hussain had visited the house in Dewsbury where the girl was staying for the night.

He was one of three men present while the girl drank some vodka and after the two other men left he had sex on a downstairs sofa with the teenager.

Jeremy Hill-Baker prosecuting said Hussain did not wear a condom.

The next evening he again returned to the house and was kissing and cuddling the girl on the sofa and gave her a foot massage.

When the adult, who was responsible for the girl while she was staying at the house, went out for a time the pair went upstairs and had unprotected sex for the second time.

When the police were involved Hussain claimed at that time not to have realised she was under 16 until after they had sex for the second occasion.

Nicholas Worsley representing Hussain said it was not a case of him plying the girl with drink, she had helped herself to a “modest” amount of the vodka.

Sex had been with consent but he appreciated now the seriousness was the age gap between them. “He knows he should not have done it.”

Hussain, 25 then of Broomer Street, Ravensthorpe, admitted two charges of sexual activity with a child and was jailed for six years three months

Sentencing him Judge Sally Cahill QC said while there was no evidence he had given the girl alcohol or groomed her in the accepted sense he had taken advantage of her after drink had been consumed.

“You persuaded her to have sexual intercourse. The next day you went back to where you knew she was and the act was repeated. At the time you claimed you did not know her age but by your plea you accept you were fully aware of her age.”

“At the time she was only 14, a young person entitled to the protection of the law from sexual predators such as yourself.”