Man’s gunpoint terror was like a ‘scene from Clint Eastwood film’

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A man threatened “blow the brains out” of two men 
during a drunken tirade reminiscent of a “Clint 
Eastwood film”.

Nicholas Lockhead was jailed for two years after the incident, in which he also held an air pistol to the throat of someone who tried to diffuse the heated argument. Tempers flared when Lockhead, 42, of Fieldhead Gardens, Shaw Cross, made comments to Matthew Howgate about his girlfriend, on January 21.

Lockhead pulled out the air pistol as Mr Howgate was walking away, prosecutor Paul Nicholson told Leeds Crown Court on Monday.

Bradley Blackwood, who was passing the scene at Smallwood Gardens, intervened and shouted at Lockhead to “leave him alone”.

But Lockhead grabbed Mr Blackwood by his neck and pointed the pistol under his chin. Mr Blackwood pushed him away, and Lockhead made further threats – cocking the gun and telling the two men to come onto the grass and that he would kill them both.

Lockhead then told Mr Howgate’s girlfriend: “I will kill you both and blow your brains out right onto your kids’ faces.”

Mr Nicholson told the court Mr Blackwood had described the incident as “like something from a Clint Eastwood film”.

Mitigating for Lockhead, James Keley said his client was very drunk and that he would usually only use the air pistol for target practice.

He said Lockhead felt “genuine remorse” at what had happened. Lockhead admitted possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

Sentencing, Judge Tom Bayliss told Lockhead: “I will make no judgement on what caused the animosity.

“You put a gun against his throat, and it is not difficult to envisage just how terrifying that experience must have been for him.

“You used it (the air pistol) to cause abject terror in your victim.”