Man stabbed lover with kitchen knife

A MAN who stabbed his lover escaped jail after a plea for leniency from his victim.

Martin Duval plunged a kitchen knife into Steven Winfield’s leg and said: “I hope you bleed to death” when it cut an artery.

But Mr Winfield told Leeds Crown Court that his boyfriend of two years was not to blame.

“We are fine together, but when we drink it is a little volatile,” he said.

Judge Alastair McCallum said: “I don’t want to pass a sentence and find out in a week’s time that he has killed you.”

Mr Winfield told him: “We were both shocked that it happened.

“It wasn’t Mr Duval’s fault. I put him in that situation.”

The court heard the pair had been drinking at home in Greenside Estate, Mirfield, last October when they argued about Mr Winfield’s fidelity.

Duval, 48, attacked Mr Winfield with a kitchen knife during the row.

Duval dialled 999 and Mr Winfield was taken to Dewsbury and District Hospital for treatment.

Mitigating, Richard Wright said: “It seems from what the complainant says that whatever your honour did, he would go back to the defendant.”

Duval, who admitted wounding at an earlier hearing, was ordered to complete a 12 month community order with supervision and alcohol treatment order.

Judge McCallum said: “You are extremely fortunate your partner has come here to support you because it looks as though the two of you might be able to make a go of it, providing you sort out your alcohol problems.”