Mirfield and Hopton crime report

Crime news...
Crime news...

Sports cars, power tools and stone walls were among the items stolen from Mirfield in the first week of May.

Solar panels and an energiser were stolen from a field in Primrose Lane, Northorpe, on May 2 at 4.30pm. Windscreen wipers were then stolen from a Ford Focus in Chadwick Lane, Lower Hopton, at 5pm that day.

A key was used to unlock a porch door in Bracken Close, Mirfield Moor, On May 2 at 7pm. A window was then removed and burglars reached in to use a key left in the internal door to unlock it. The thieves entered and stole electrical items, jewellery, car keys and Audi A8.

More stone was stolen from a wall, this time in Calder Road, Lower Hopton On May 3 just after midnight. A further four stones were taken from a wall in Marshall Street, Lower Hopton at 11pm.

A window was smashed in a rear door in Huddersfield Road, Battyeford on May 4 at 11pm.

Burglars entered and stole jewellery, car keys and BMW M3 after snapping a europrofile lock in Sunny Bank Road on May 6 at 8.30am – a suspect has since been arrested.

A garage door was opened using keys left in the lock, in Calder Road, Lower Hopton at 5.20am on May 8. Thieves entered and stole tools before they were disturbed by the owner and the property was recovered.

Tools were stolen from an insecure garage in Calder Road, Lower Hopton on May 8 at 8am.

If you have any information about any of the incidents, ring the police on the non-emergency 101 number.