Mirfield Crime Report: Criminal damage, burglaries and thefts

News from the police
News from the police

Here’s the latest crime report for Mirfield from West Yorkshire Police.

House burglaries:

On November 2: Attempt burglary on Bankfield Court. Damage caused to lock and hasp on allotment shed.

November 6: Burglary on Sunny Bank Road, Mirfield. Suspects enter possibly through a first floor window using outside furniture to reach this.

Garage and sheds:

November 2: Bankfield Court. Allotments. Suspect/s gain entry to shed, remove property from within and make off with same unseen.

November 3: Bankfield Court. Suspect/s have approached shed and by unknown means prised open the door. No items taken from within and suspect/s made off unseen.

Novemver 6: Leeds Road, Mirfield. Suspects attend at side of property and by means unknown smash lower glass in fire door then enter through same. Tidy search is made however no items stolen.

Damage crimes:

November 5: Criminal damage to house on Northway Crescent. Persons unknown throw stone at window whilst passing breaking the outer pane before making off unseen.

November 7: Criminal damage to building at The Knowl. Suspect enters store, buys item, argues over price before smashing glass of front door before making off.

Vehicle crimes:

November 3: Criminal damage to vehicles parked on The Clough. Tyres slashed.

November 4, Theft of vehicle, Bankfield Business Park. Suspect gains entry to vehicle by unknown means before making off.

November 7: Criminal damage to motor vehicle, Woodsome Drive, Mirfield. Suspects smashed windows and made off.

If you have any information regarding these, or any other crimes, please phone the police via 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.