Mirfield Festival far from washout

Music lovers danced in the rain when the inaugural Mirfield Music Festival took place.

Organiser Donal O’Driscoll paid tribute to the festival-goers who braved the wet weather to support the town’s first ever music festival in Mirfield Showground.

Mirfield Music Festival 'M' Fest'Jeepster

Mirfield Music Festival 'M' Fest'Jeepster

“While some people may have been put off by the mud, we still had a great mix of people here – from families, to younger and older people. It was a good turnout,” he said.

Mr O’Driscoll is yet to get the official attendance figure, but believed there were at least 500 people in the crowd.

The day was fraught with technical difficulties for the organisers.

The power generator for the main stage did not work, leaving only one stage for bands, and the generator for the second stage broke down momentarily during a performance.

“We tried to cram as many bands as we could onto the stage,” said Mr O’Driscoll.

“The band Ska Hearts were the stars of the show – their brass section kept playing during the difficulties, and there was a really good atmosphere.

“We are wanting to build on this next year. It has taken so much effort to get this off the ground that we want to make it even better.”

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