Mirfield hub showcases local artist

The latest exhibition at Mirfield’s Creative Arts Hub is celebrating the work of Huddersfield-based artist Jane Burgess.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 3:30 pm
Vast Selection: Artist Jane Burgess is exhibiting her work at Mirfields Creative Arts Hub.

The event, which runs until Saturday 20 April, showcases a vast selection of her work which includes landscape imagery from near and far.

The exhibition arrives as Jane has reached her 70th year and is a reflection upon her many years of experience as a painter.

The work also covers Jane’s broad travels, including images of Portugal, Spain, Greece and Albania; and of her closer associations with the surrounding landscape of Marsh, Farnley Tyas, Clayton Fields, Honley and many other places in and around Huddersfield.

She is an elected member of two professional bodies: Manchester Academy of Fine Arts and Leeds Fine Artists.

Her work has been exhibited widely in solo and joint shows, and many of her pieces are held in public and private collections in the UK, France, Sweden and Spain.

Jane said: “Born in Cheshire in 1948, I developed a love of landscape and an interest in drawing and painting from an early age.

“I was influenced greatly by my father Morgan Hewinson who was an artist and lecturer at Manchester College of Art.

“He encouraged my enthusiasm for visual art. Sometimes we went out sketching in the countryside or at slum-clearance and bomb sites in Stockport and Manchester.

“I’m still fascinated by tangled vegetation, broken fences, and dilapidated buildings, and my work sometimes invites the viewer to see beauty in unexpected subjects.”

Contact the gallery via [email protected] or on 01924 492775 for further details. Visit www.janeburgessartist.com to find out more about Jane Burgess.