Mirfield landlord making music matter

andrew metcalfe of the three nuns
andrew metcalfe of the three nuns

A MIRFIELD pub is making sweet music for charity.

The Three Nuns is hosting The Big Noise, a scheme inspired by World Music Day.

The pub asks people to dig out working, but unwanted, musical instruments which will benefit young people through special music therapy charities.

Anything from recorders to saxophones will help various projects helping local children, including Brainwave which supports young people with cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delay.

The Big Noise will culminate in a ‘Skype Orchestra’ to coincide with World Music Day on June 21 when children helped by the different projects join others around the world to celebrate and oplay their instruments together.

Three Nuns area manager Andrew Metclafe said: “Music is ideal for bringing communities together and this project will do just that. We hope all our customers will back the campaign and donate their music-makers.”

Laura Minnitt, senior physiotherapist at Brainwave, said: “Seeing children play and experiment with new things is truly special.”

Drop off your unwanted musical instruments at the Three Nuns in Leeds Road.