Mirfield parade confusion

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Councillors reacted angrily this week to suggestions that Mirfield’s Remembrance parade may have to change – but organisers insist there is nothing to worry about.

During a Mirfield Town Council meeting, it was suggested the authorities had asked organisers of the parade to consider either moving the route or changing the way it worked due to resources going to Dewsbury.

Coun David Pinder said: “One of the main problems is that they are saying resources are having to go to Dewsbury rather than us. They told us that there has to be a diversion, and they asked us to move the parade route.”

Coun MartynBolt said: “It is ridiculous that we have to prioritise one area over another.

“The town council should put in the strongest terms that we are fully committed to this parade. For anyone to suggest it should be downgraded is reprehensible.”

But one of the organisers of the event, Tim Wood, insisted there was nothing to worry about, and that he had not been asked to change the route or plans for the parade.

He added: “Last year, the parade got bigger than ever before, and we expect it to be bigger this year. So we invited some of the Town Council along to the meeting we will be having with highways and the police to make sure everything goes okay.”

A planning meeting with police is set to take place onThursday October 30.