Mirfield pub defends reputation after noise complaints

Airedale Heifer pub. (d612a452)
Airedale Heifer pub. (d612a452)

The owners of a Mirfield pub have defended its reputation after Kirklees Council threatened them with a licence review over noise.

Robyn Pogson and Craig Powell said they have done everything they can to appease a single neighbour, who has made nearly all the complaints, while still running a successful business.

The couple, who have run the Airdale Heifer for nearly two years, have spent thousands on soundproofing to stop noise being heard in the adjoining building, but the complaints continued.

They have now agreed to fitting a limiter device to their sound system in a bid to finally solve the issue.

Ms Pogson said she was disappointed that the pub had hit the headlines in such a way. “We’ve been here 22 months now”, she said. “In that time we’ve won pub of the season, started serving food, which the pub never did and we’re constantly between number one and two on Trip Advisor in Mirfield.”

The pair have continually scaled back the amount of live music they play, but neighbour Shaun Roberts still claimed he could hear the music in his house. The Airedale Heifer has been a pub for 170 years.

“The music we play is not excessive in any way – people can sit in the pub and have a conversation. We have three children who sleep above the pub soundly.”

Mr Roberts could not be reached for comment, but told Kirklees Council’s Licensing Panel: “If this limiter does the trick I’ve no qualms. If we have no noise from the pub we are happy.”