Mirfield Station upgrade should be simple

Father Mayoss’ and Mr Addy’s interest in improvements at Mirfield Railway Station is welcome.

Improving access to the island platform may not be as difficult as they seem to think.

Mirfield Labour Party has proposed two solutions to the problem.

One is to construct a ramp within the body of the island platform while retaining the steps for those able to use them.

The other proposal is to construct a ramp and a new platform between the existing tracks and the former Britannia Mill/Veolia site on the town centre side of the embankment.

Both these ideas have been sent to METRO.

Our campaign for improvements at Mirfield Railway Station has been active for several years and we believe the main obstacle to improvements being implemented is government restrictions on investment in our transport infrastructure.

We hope our representatives may yet bear fruit.

Michael Hutchinson

(Hon. Secretary: Mirfield Labour Party)