Mirfield teenagers set out on business journey

Mirfield teenagers Elliot Rayne and Joseph Taylor have set up EJ Events.
Mirfield teenagers Elliot Rayne and Joseph Taylor have set up EJ Events.

What were you up to at the age of 19?

While many of their contemporaries head off to university or jet around on gap years, Mirfield friends Joseph Taylor and Elliott Rayne have pressed on with plans to enter the business world, starting out on their own.

They've co-founded EJ Events, a high-end events management company that promises to provide further opportunities for fellow budding entrepreneurs.

And they've put their money where their mouth is, hiring two 16-year-old videographers and marketers.

Indeed, the pair see their age as an advantage, hoping to attract custom with what they describe as a 'freshness'.

“We hope to run events all around the UK,” said Joseph, “what makes us different is our agility, eye for premium touches and our age.”

A press release says: "The co-founders have known each other for nine years and are unique in a field traditionally occupied by people over 30 and that tend to hire older individuals. The EJ Events team is all under the age of 20 and the founders are serious about empowering young Mirfield entrepreneurs.

"Hiring younger individuals is also a business strategy that keeps ideas fresh and enables the company to reach a more diverse range of clients."

Elliott said: “Some people may question our ability and our age. We see this as a selling point. We are versatile and together we support each other. We would love to connect local businesses through networking events. We can plan business launches and corporate events.”

Launched in October, EJ Events isn’t the first foray into the entrepreneurial world for Joseph. He operated a small clothing company at the age of 13 and chose to pass on an opportunity to attend the University of Newcastle in order to press on with his business dreams.

After meeting entrepreneurs that included Karen Brady and Deborah Meaden, he was determined to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

“My big dream is to expand my business experience, give back to the community I served and most importantly, I want to inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their passions and dreams,” he said.

His business partner Elliott played high-level football, toured two continents and drew the interest of professional clubs, but a major knee injury made him reconsider his options.

The athlete began a background in technology at the age of 16, undertaking a role as a technical account manager in the telecommunication industry. Elliott approached Joseph with
the idea of EJ Events and the dream quickly became a reality.

“I’m excited for the future,” said Elliott. “We have big plans to expand our operations in the months and years to come!”