More people vow to donate organs after EastEnders storyline

The number of people signing up as organ donors has increased thanks to a high-profile soap storyline.

More people across the county have signed up to donate their organs, according to the Yorkshire Organ Donation Services Team.

And staff from the NHS Blood and Transplant claim an EastEnders storyline, involving mechanic Dexter Hartman who donated a kidney to his long-lost father, Sam James, has helped give the issue national publicity.

A spokesman said: “EastEnders is a well watched prime time TV drama and we are thrilled that they covered the topic of organ donation on the show.

“We hope that this EastEnders storyline inspires people to want to become organ donors, either while they are alive or after their death.

“Around three people die each day across the UK due to the shortage of organs and there are about 10,000 people in need of a transplant.”

There are currently 353 people in West Yorkshire who are waiting for a transplant, according to NHS Blood and Transplant. Eight people in the region died last year, whilst waiting for a transplant.

The authority said one donor could benefit up to nine people by donating their kidneys, eyes, heart, liver, small bowel, lungs and pancreas.

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